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The Seed Fund intends to support exploration and development of attractive and diverse activities and projects, to help secure either additional funds for a project or to carry out joint, ambitious and innovative ideas within the alliance.

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The Unite! Seed Fund helps finance ideas coming from the Unite! community, i.e., from the students, researchers, and teachers of the 9 Unite! universities. The Seed Fund offers financial support to collaborations between at least two Unite! partners. The goal is to help get your project started and get your collaboration on the right track.

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Science Comunication Event - "The Best and Worts things in research..."
  • Seed Fund Title: Science Comunication Event - "The Best and Worts things in research..."
  • Description:

    This activity project is to develop and implement a communication and networking event concept for researchers and the general public. Key to the event is the bringing together of distinct areas of knowledge and research.
    This event format is based in short talks for the general public, made by researchers at the start of their careers (PhD students, post-Docs, and junior researchers). This is to be done in a relaxed environment with food and drinks and 4 presentation zones, with one researcher per zone. The public is free to wander around and choose to which researcher they want to listen to.

    Each researcher would talk for 3 minutes only, with each speaker telling their personal stories in a casual and accessible manner to the audience (no slides!). After this time, there would be a 5-minute break to allow for conversation. Then, new researchers would take the stages, whilst the former ones would join the audience, repeating this process several times. In this concept there are two rounds of presentations (not consecutive) for each researcher: For the first round, the topic of the talk would be "The best thing that ever happened to me in research was...", while on the second round the topic would be "The worst thing that ever happened to me in research was...".By focusing on these personal aspects, the researcher would be focusing, not on delivering a talk about the specific details of their research, but on telling a story, while, naturally, talking about their area of research in an accessible manner to non-experts.
    The zone of food and drinks is designed to allow for conversations to continue. Indeed, the design and preparation of the environment is crucial to the event. The event happens around sunset, with "The best thing..." round of conversations happening in daytime, and “The worst thing...” round happening in nighttime. The lighting and music, also inspire the respective moods and create a casual environment

    The novelty of the concept is the destruction of barriers between different areas of knowledge and between speaker and audience: the speaker at one presentation would become the audience at subsequent presentations.We want to deconstruct the way knowledge and research is currently communicated and make it more human. While in the process, allowing for connections between distinct areas of knowledge to flourish.

  • Home Partner University: ULisboa
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